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Psychological Testing and Comprehensive Clinical Assessment offered Soon

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Compassionate Care of North Carolina, LLC, caters to Medicare and Medicaid clients who are receiving services through the North Carolina Innovations Waiver. Medicaid is billed for our specialized support services so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the individuals or families we serve. Bring your family member to our location for a consultation and to help you determine if we are a right fit for you.

Coming Soon: Psychological Testing and Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

Specialized Consultation

Take advantage of our specialized consultation services for expertise, training, and technical assistance in specialty area. Through these services we assist family members, support staff, and participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have short-term or long-term intervention needs. Family members and other paid and unpaid caregivers are trained by a certified, licensed, or registered professional, or qualified assistive technology professional to carry out
therapeutic interventions, consistent with the Individual Support Plan (ISP), therefore increasing effectiveness of the specialized therapy. Specialty areas include
Psychology, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Recreational Therapy.
Currently Compassionate Care of North Carolina, LLC specializes in the area of psychology, where we write behavioral support plans to address behavioral needs. We plan to expand to other specialty areas, which include...
Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition, and Recreational Therapy


Specialized Consultation Activities

Get a personalized behavior support plan for your family member through specialized consultation services. The Functional Behavioral Assessment is the initial step to helping us understand what type of strategies and intervention the person needs.

  • Develop a Written Intervention Plan
  • Review Documentation & Evaluate the Activities Conducted by Relevant Persons as Delineated in the Intervention Plan
  • Assess Any Current Interventions for Effectiveness
  • Participate in Team Meetings or Consult Through Two-Way, Real-Time Interactive Audio & Video
  • Train Relevant Persons to Implement Interventions & Strategies Identified in the Behavioral Support Plan
  • Observe the Participant to Determine Needs